Choosing An Elite Courtesan Travel Companion

Are you a busy professional who is always traveling? Want to know why some men like you can write London Escort Reviews of their travel experience; saying it is nothing but fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. You can mingle business with pleasure. Who says it is wrong? All you have to do is to choose an elite courtesan travel companion to provide the fun you have been lacking for so long. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of hiring an elite escort.

The Travel Companion

It is fun to travel because it alleviates stress, but if you are also going on business, traveling alone can add stress. Traveling alone can be fun, if you look forward to meeting someone new. However, when you are traveling on business, you can inject pleasure into your plans by taking along someone to ignite and enhance the experience. A travel companion will help you to avoid feeling depressed, sad and drained; especially, if the person is fun to be around and you have developed a connection. You can choose someone who is intelligent and knows how to have meaningful conversation and someone who knows how to listen and provide pleasure. A good travel companion will make sure that you are always entertained; preventing you from getting bored.

Your Choice

When you are ready to go on your business trip and traveling with an escort, seek a VIP companion; one who is a true courtesan with elite and classy behavior. Choose someone that knows how to communicate well and will offer you a time to remember. Avoid the mediocre or average woman; especially if you are an affluent business man or executive. You want to choose the best, which means that it is best to look at the most reputable luxury London escort agency. There is a difference between the elite courtesan and the VIP escort. An elite courtesan is a woman who is well travelled, intelligent, refined, and classy. She is usually from an upper middle class background. She usually has a good education. She is also highly exposed to fine things. She is comfortable in a VIP setting and in fact, prefers to be in such settings. She knows how to conduct herself while out in public and is naturally elite, gracious, classy and elegant. She has a free spirit and tends to enjoy the company of affluent men. In fact, that is what she is accustomed to.

The Elite Courtesan

If you choose an elite courtesan woman, she is going to show that she has a high end lifestyle of luxury and comfort. And so, you have to treat her with class. She is competent enough to be the best companion as she has done this on many occasions. She understands power and the excitement of power. She is going to offer intellect, beauty and an amazing escape from a boring world. She is going to make you feel revitalized and more empowered without being aggressive. She is comfortable in her own skin and will show her femininity and gentleness in more ways than one. This is a woman who is selective on every level and reeks of confidence, beauty and high self esteem. She takes care of her body, which will show through her attire. She is all into health, fitness and beauty. She is the kind of woman that knows a lot about history, current affairs, wines, art, culture and music. She has impeccable social etiquette, discreet persona and immaculate presentation.

The VIP World

If you are looking to having fun while traveling with an escort, be sure to select a female travel companion with grace, tact and decisiveness, then it is best to consider the elite courtesan. She knows how to exist in a VIP world or at any important event. She will know how to ideally blend into any circumstance. No one would ever suspect that you both just met. She will not embarrass you with idle talk, distasteful garments or inappropriate behavior. This is the kind of woman that important and affluent men look for as companions. This is the kind of woman that will give more than a normal escort would. She knows how to connect on an emotional, spiritual and mental level and goes out of her way to please and satisfy. These are just some of the things that set her apart from other escorts.

GFE Experience

The GFE experience is something that most clients look forward to. Most elite escorts or courtesan know how to administer the GFE experience with authenticity, warmth, compassion, empathy and a rare form of caring and kindness. She will take good care of you while you are in her care. Of course, even though, you might be the one to plan the date, she wants to have some kind of input. When you involve her, it means that she will contribute her expertise and experience to make this a memorable occasion. She has been in many social circles and knows some of the best restaurants and other social scenes. Therefore, she is the best person to ask for help with your plans; whether it is a dinner date or a weekend trip.


Booking an elite courtesan or escort means that you have to go to the best escort agency. Let’s assume that you live in the city of London and you want to go on a business trip to Houston, Texas. You will be gone for the weekend. You don’t know anyone in this particular city and it is going to be your first time. Traveling with an elite courtesan makes your trip something to look forward to and not just entirely business as usual. As soon as you have taken care of business, you and your elite escort can have a ball; visiting places together and sharing the things that you have in common. Weeks before your business trip, make sure to contact a reputable escort agency; giving yourself time to choose the best escort that you would want to take with you. Take your time in making the selection; looking out for some of the things we have discussed in this article. Good luck!